An inclusive and radically transformed Eco Tourism and Wildlife economy that creates jobs, alleviates poverty, addresses inequality and protects the environment.


Excellence in partnering with stakeholders to provide a world class wildlife experience in a Malaria Free Environment.


Batho Pele Principles

We promise to be client orientated and responsive by displaying a positive and helpful attitude to our clients. We undertake to be accessible, approachable, friendly and sensitive and always show empathy towards our clients.


We undertake to be transparent, honest and trustworthy. We will approach our work with openness and fairness.We pledge to be always trustworthy an We undertake to be ethical, transparent, honest and approach our work with openness and fairness. We pledge to be always trustworthy and reliable.


We shall embrace a culture of learning, adaptation and creativity at all times.


We shall strive to apply best practise to achieve the highest quality and standards at all times.


Strategic outcome oriented goals of the Board

Programme 1: Administration

  • To ensure internal business excellence within the Board programmes;
  • To ensure good Stakeholder relations management and communication;
  • To ensure sound branding and marketing of the 15 Parks in our Estate; through parks branding and portfolio promotions;
  • To ensure eco-tourism investment promotions, opportunity scoping and management support;
  • Improve effective management of protected areas

Programme 2: Biodiversity Conservation Management

Management of biodiversity assets and their contribution to the economy, rural development, job creation and social wellbeing is enhanced. Investments in ecological infrastructure enhance resilience and ensure benefits to society People are mobilized to adopt practices that sustain the long-term benefits of biodiversity. Effective knowledge foundations, including indigenous knowledge and citizen science, support the management, conservation, and sustainable use of biodiversity.